Why Pre-Plan?

There are many reasons for pre-planning funerals...none more important than your family.

By pre-planning, you spare your family difficult decisions at a difficult time. They will not have to search for records, insurance policies, addresses and other important items.
You will also eliminate their doubts. Wondering what you would have wanted is an added burden for family members who are already dealing with grief from their loss.

Pre-planning can save money

We offer a wide choice of services and several funding options designed to simplify pre-payment.
One example would be funding a single-pay whole life insurance policy...depending on your age and health...you may save thousands of dollars...other options offer tax advantages..but most of all...You will be sheltering your assets and not placing the financial burden on your family.

Pre-planning eliminates the uncertainties.

It allows for making deliberate, informed decisions ahead of time, instead of hasty, emotional choices, often made at the time of need.
You can make known your true wishes about every detail of funeral planning and even confer with family and friends.

Please take a moment to think of about being prepared....we can answer any questions you may have and would be more than happy to assist you with your final arrangements.....call us today at (419) 629-2147 for a appointment...you will be glad you did...for peace of mind.