Preplanning FAQ

Where does the money go that I prepay into the plan?
  • Gilberg-Hartwig Funeral Home will deposit 100% of the money received toward a Funeral Plan into a Irrevocable Burial Contract by using an Insurance product, where it cannot be released to us until after the funeral you have chosen has been provided for you. 100% of the money you have pre-paid will be used for your funeral. In a burial contract there could be GUARANTEED and NON-GUARANTEED items that the funeral home has no control over.

How can I be sure the funeral home won't charge my loved ones more at the time of my funeral?

  • If you have an Irrevocable Burial Contract the funeral home is contractually obligated to provide all the services and merchandise included in your plan. The only change would be if survivors would wish to purchase any merchandise or service in addition to the prearranged plan.

What if the cost of the funeral service I prepay is greatly increased in cost at the time of my death?

  • By contract, Gilberg-Hartwig Funeral Home guarantees to provide those funeral goods and services that you have chosen to be included in your Burial Contract at the time of need no matter how many years prior to use your plan was established. Current costs of inflation are paid thru the growth of the contract.

What if your funeral home is no longer in business at the time of my death?

  • Because your money is held in a certified Trust governed by state law, it will always be there for your funeral, even if our funeral home were to be purchased or go out of business.

What if my family moves out of the area before I die? Do we lose the money we paid?

  • Should you move outside of our service area, your Pre Need Funeral Plan provides those funds for your funeral at the funeral home of your choice.

Won't my life insurance benefits cover all my funeral expenses?

  • It may, but aren't your life insurance benefits intended for your spouse's security or your child's education? Also, the cost of a funeral continues to rise, while your life insurance benefits don't increase over time.

Doesn't Social Security provide a death benefit?

  • Social Security provides a lump-sum payment of only $255, and only of you qualify! Well below the cost of any funeral.

Shouldn't I wait until I'm older to deal with this?

  • No. The younger you are, the more you have to gain. Prices will continue to rise until you freeze your costs by your purchase.

How do I know you will really put my money in a Trust?

  • Each Pre Need Funeral Plan is registered with the State and all Trust Fund records are periodically audited to assure the deposit of funds.

Can the Funeral Home ever cancel My Pre Need Funeral Plan?

  • Absolutely not. The Pre Need Funeral Plan cannot be canceled by the Funeral Home.